We generate qualified sales and marketing leads using our own team based in our Stourbridge offices.  We make calls in a non obtrusive way to gain interest in what we are marketing as we feel it is important for the recipient not to feel pressurised in any way.  We look to build a relationship rather than irritate someone who will quickly become disinterested. Campaigns will be carried out at a time to suit the market we are selling to.

Before we start any campaign we like to take the time to get to know you and your business.  We make detailed notes which are discussed with our team before they start to ensure they have a full understanding of the product or service we are promoting.

We do not use a script as we look to engage with your potential client in a friendly manner answering any questions they may have and gently gaining their trust and interest.  At no time do we pressurise the customer as this will leave them feeling angry and certainly not in a position to do business with you.


All call information is logged onto our CRM system with full details of the call recorded including diarising a call back at an agreed time if necessary.

It is a well known fact that first impressions count so we ensure they have a pleasurable experience which results in more leads, and they will be more inclined to do business with you.

We find this is also very effective when used in conjunction with our event management service to source delegates, exhibitors etc., for your planned events.

You can provide your own database, let us source one for you or cleanse the one you already have.  We can also arrange a mailshot or email shot to work either alone or in conjunction with our telemarketing.